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  Our purpose here is to guide those persons interested in festivals and celebrations all over the United States to places that might be of interest to them.

  Have you ever been frustrated upon seeing a news account of a festival or celebration just ended and wished you had known about the festivals sooner?

  Well now you can!

  Here is how it works. Suppose you live in Los Angeles and are planning to attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Suppose you will have several free days to do other things before or after you visit Nashville. Suppose you want to find some festivals or celebrations in close proximity to Nashville.

  You simply click the button below, then click on Tennessee in the list of states and a list of towns in Tennessee with festivals pops up. At your leisure you click on those towns and see what each has to offer along with the date or dates of the event and the different activities connected with that festival. There also might be listed an e-mail address where you can get more information if needed.

  Of course it doesn't have to be a Tennessee festival that you are interested in.

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